"Guaranteed Sales Program"

Wholesale Boat Cleaner Pro products with our “Risk Free” 90 Day Guaranteed Sales Program. That’s how confident we are your customers will love our products. After 90 days, if you are not satisfied with the product, we will repurchase the remaining inventory at the original purchase price. 

Simply return the remaining inventory via your preferred shipping method. If your business is located near one of our other existing wholesale distributors, we may assist with making arrangements for a local inventory drop. Once our products are received back, you will be refunded 100% of the returned product amount.

How Wholesale Works

The Boat Cleaner Pro Wholesale Buying Program offers purchasing opportunities for boat cleaning supply companies, boat detailing companies, marinas, and other businesses related to the watercraft industry. Our wholesale buying program offers price breaks on bulk orders for our boat cleaning products and wax.

For more information about the Wholesale Buying Program, fill out the contact form below or call us toll free Please include your name, your phone number, the name and address of your business, and general information about your business.

What Will BCP Clean?

• Dirty Shoreline Cords
• Engines
• Rub Rails
• Black Dock Rub Marks       
• Vinyl cushions
• Inflatables
• Rod Holders

• Ski Boats
• Fishing Boats
• Yachts 
• Fiberglass
• Aluminum
• Poly Balls

Wholesale Our Products With Confidence

Boat Cleaner Pro is a revolutionary watercraft cleaning product designed to clean almost anything. BCP will not affect the gel coat of your boat. BCP will remove petrochemical scum, grease, suntan lotion, and renews the surface before reconditioning with BCP Wax. It will quickly remove perma-teak, varnish, paint, urethane, and most other surface coatings.

BCP will never raise the grain of the wood, it will not affect wood glue, will not harm fiberglass and it never needs to be rinsed or neutralized. BCP should not burn the skin but gloves are always helpful when using any cleaning agent. It will not eat through yellow rubber gloves and is non-corrosive to metal. This product can be safely used around fiberglass, polyester resins, and Awl Grip. BCP is Biofriendly as there is no toxic waste when the coating is removed and dry.

BCP Wax Wholesale

BCP Wax was created to clean, polish, protect, seal, and beautify. Our wax is a self-stripping, restorative blend of the finest carnauba and beeswax with mineral spirits.
For best results, apply BCP Wax after cleaning a surface with Boat Cleaner Pro to restore and refinish the surface. There are many additional uses for BCP Wax and it has been used for over 20 years in the furniture refinishing industry.

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"Cleans Like A Dream"

"Cleans Like A Dream"

"Cleans Like A Dream"