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Boat Cleaner Pro

Boat Cleaner Pro - Single

Boat Cleaner Pro, Powerful & Effective,
Cleans Almost Every Surface, BCP 32oz


boat cleaner pro wax

BCP Wax 8oz.

Boat Cleaner Pro Wax is a restorative blend of the finest carnauba wax and other special ingredients will polish, protect, seal, and beautify your boat.



Two (2) Quart Cans

BCP Combo Kit $36.99

Save Nearly 20% OFF


Two (2) Quart Cans & (1) BCP Wax

BCP Combo Kit $51.97

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Water Proof & Seal

Vinyl Wax Pro 8oz.

Vinyl Wax Pro 8oz.

Boat Cleaner Pro “New Wax For All Vinyl Surfaces.” A restorative blend of the finest carnauba wax and other special ingredients will water proof, polish, protect, seal, and beautify your Boat’s Vinyl.  Clean and deodorize your vinyl upholstery and boat seats today.


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"Our Boat Cleaning Products Clean"

Boat Cleaner Pro can be used as an aluminum boat cleaner, pontoon boat cleaner, boat canvas cleaner, yacht cleaner, and fiberglass boat cleaner, just to name a few. BCP is designed to effectively clean poly balls, inflatables, rod holders, black rub marks, plastic coolers, canvas, plastic rub rails and so much more! Our boat cleaning products will renew vinyl cushions, dirty shore line power cords, and fenders quickly and easily. Removes petrochemical scum, grease, suntan lotion, and renews the surface before reconditioning with BCP Wax. It will quickly remove perma-teak, varnish, paint, urethane and most other surface coatings. BCP will never raise the grain of wood, it will not affect wood glue, will not harm fiberglass and it never needs to be rinsed or neutralized.

Boat Cleaning Tips

BCP should not burn the skin but gloves are always helpful when using any cleaning agent. It will not eat through yellow rubber gloves, and is noncorrosive to metal.  This product can be safely used around fiberglass, polyester resins, and Awl Grip. Our boat cleaning products are environmentally friendly as there is no toxic waste when the coating is removed and dry. There are many other general applications for these boat cleaning supplies & products. For example, we found a John Deere Zero-Turn lawnmower that was left out in the elements for three years. The vinyl seat was covered in mold, dirt, grime and grass stains. We tried to clean the seat with Ajax, Comet and many different cleaning products, and nothing worked. We then decided to try to clean the seat with a professional-grade pressure washer, with no luck. We even resorted to using acid. Nothing worked. We needed a real marine supply product. We poured some BCP on a towel and ten minutes later the seat was restored back to its original bright yellow color. That’s one of the reasons we say it “Cleans Like a Dream”. Money Back Guaranteed