About BCP

Background info

The formula for Boat Cleaner Pro, formerly Marine Strip, was created in 1981 and was originally used in the hotel cleaning industry.
In 1996, the formula started being used to clean boats and yachts. 

More Information

For years, the use of Marine Strip was somewhat of a trade secret.  It was bought and used exclusively by select watercraft cleaning companies and was not readily available for purchase by the general public. Entrepreneur Steve Taylor was utterly impressed with the results from this formula.

Even more impressive was the minimal amount of effort required to clean a boat with this product. In March 2020, Steve purchased the Marine Strip formula and rebranded the product as Boat Cleaner Pro. Now, BCP is available to the public.

We are excited about bringing the cleaning power of BCP to the masses and believe this will be a time saver in your boat cleaning process. Our goal is to produce the best watercraft cleaning product available to make your boat cleaning projects easier and less time consuming without  compromising the best result possible.  

Founder: Steve Taylor

We emphasize quality and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process so we can offer the most competitive price possible for our customers.  We distribute all of our products from Birmingham, Alabama. We appreciate our customers and look forward  to supplying high-quality watercraft cleaning products for years to come. Thank you! The Team at Boat Cleaner Pro


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